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Cell Phone Advisor Archive

A Cell Phone for Seniors

12/07 - We are often asked about phones that are more accessible; the most common request is for an easy-to-use phone with larger keys...

AT&T Unity, Better Camera Phones, HotSpot@Home

10/07 - If you have AT&T landline service and are considering AT&T wireless service (or already have it), you might want to consider the AT&T Unity Plan. Available in single line or family versions, the Unity...

Holiday Phones

9/07 - A number of phones have been announced for the upcoming holiday season. A summary of ten of the more interesting offerings follows. The phone model...

Free Cell Phone Insurance & Free Directory Assistance

8/07 - These aren't perfect solutions to two items that can add cost to our mobile experience, but they won't cost you anything. One of them will also give you up to 10% off...

Colorful Phones

7/07 - Most of us take our cell phones everywhere we go these days. As a result, many see the phone as an extension of their personality or as a fashion statement. Cell phone manufacturers...

The iPhone Arrives

6/07 - The long-awaited debut of the Apple iPhone will occur sometime during June. If you're thinking about getting one, here are a few early observations. Very few products have gotten the amount of free...

AT&T Unity Plans

5/07 - These plans let you call all AT&T/Cingular customers, landline or mobile, without using wireless minutes. Sound good? It may be, but there are some trade-offs you should know about...

Ending a Contract Early

4/07 - A cell phone agreement is a legal contract, so not easy to escape. The best solution is to take steps to minimize the likelihood you'll want to get out of it.  Before you Sign & During the Trial Period...

Don't Forget to Claim your Telephone Tax Refund

3/07 - If you've made a phone call in the last four years, you're probably eligible. One-time credit on 2006 federal income tax return Standard $30 to $60 refund for qualifying individuals - or claim actual amount paid Eligibility based on making a long distance call or having bundled phone service ...

5 Predictions for the Cell Phone Industry in 2007

2/07 - As you consider purchasing a cell phone and plan in 2007, here are some things to consider. The Razr Will FizL: With no fewer than 6 models on the market and 50 million sold, the basic model of this...

It's Getting Hard to Tell the RAZRs Apart without a Scorecard

12/06 - There are about 6 different RAZR models on the market right now, as Motorola continues to take advantage of the seemingly...

Calling in Circles

11/06 - The newest wireless plan benefit is not all it is cracked up to be. T-Mobile launched its "myFaves" series of rate plans last month, making it the first national wireless carrier to jump on the "calling circles" bandwagon...

It's Your Money, Don't Waste it Paying Interest

10/06 - Lower your monthly payments and save hundreds of dollars by transferring high-interest balances to a credit card with 0% interest...

It's Your Money, Don't Waste it Paying Interest

9/06 - Lower your monthly payments and save hundreds of dollars by transferring high-interest balances to a credit card with 0% interest...

New Phones, New Plans

8/06 - If you are in the market for a new cell phone and or plan, here are a couple recent developments that may be of interest...

Taxing Developments in Telecom

7/06 - The government will no longer collect the 3% Federal Excise Tax. However, there has been a slight increase in the universal...

It's Your Money, Don't Waste it Paying Interest

6/06 - Lower your monthly payments and save hundreds of dollars by transferring high-interest balances to a credit card with 0% interest...

Finding the Perfect Cell Phone Plan

5/06 - What once took hours can now be done in minutes. Be among the first to try the new CellCalcsm application on

VoIP to Lower Telecom Bills

4/06 - VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is simply the use of your Internet connection to make phone calls instead of the traditional phone company's wired network. It is the use of digital technology instead of...

Should a Cell Phone be Your Only Phone?

3/06 - If a teenager gets a cell phone and/or uses wireless exclusively while at college, we have to wonder if some of them even consider a landline when they move out into their first apartment. That in mind...

Prepaid Wireless: No Contract, No Credit Check, No Commitment

2/06 - One of the fastest growing areas in wireless is the prepaid plan. Historically, prepaid had high rates, limiting its appeal to those without the credit quality to qualify ...

Cell Phones for Young Children

1/06 - Does your 5th grader really need a cell phone?  We can’t answer that one for you, but the wireless industry now thinks he does.  Ever on the lookout for new markets, there are now phones specifically designed for 8 to 12 year olds ...

Ten Holiday Tips for Choosing the Right Cell Phone Service

12/05 - The holiday season is traditionally the most active period of the year for consumers to shop for cell phone service. Given the many distractions during this...

Cell Phones & Service Family Plans

11/05 - Family plans have become increasingly popular, as the introduction of free family calling and $9.99 pricing...

It Matters Where you Buy

10/05 - Dealing directly with a cell phone carrier could cost you an additional $200 or more. Read this and learn how to save BIG dollars...

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