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Collection Strategies: The Perfect Business
By Conrad Melancon

Do you need to make some extra money – Are you looking for a low cost business? If the answer is yes, then we’ve got the perfect opportunity for you!

There are currently more than 200 million cell phone users in the US who upgrade their old cell phone, on the average, every 18 months. This means that more than 130 million cell phones are expected to be replaced this year! If you add that number to the more than 500 million old cell phones that are thought to currently reside in drawers and closets around America you can see there is no shortage of available product. As of the writing of this article less than 5% of these phones are collected for reuse and recycling. This means that this business has a tremendous upside – opportunity is everywhere you look!

Just think about it, if each of those cell phones retired every year have an average sale value of $10 - that’s $110 million which is just lying around gathering, not interest, but dust. In fact with every passing day those retired cell phones are losing value.

But fear not fellow entrepreneurs, each day about 360,000 more cell phones are added to the stockpile. That’s more than 4 each second. Before you are done reading this article another 500 cell phones will be retired.

How can the eco-entrepreneur, the college student, or the stay at home mom capitalize on this phenomenon? Each month that will be the subject of this department - Recycle Cell Phones for Profit. We will provide tips, experiences and useful tools that will help the ambitious make the most of their cell phone recycling efforts

This month we encourage everyone to download and read our e-book For Cell by Owner – The Cell Phone Recycling Guide. This resource is invaluable when determining how to make a profit recycling cellphones in your area.

Conrad Melancon is the President of He joined the company in November of 2004 as the Director of Business Development and assumed his current position in December of last year.

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